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Welcome to Stone Kingdom Ministries

"…and the Stone that smote the image became a great mountain (Kingdom), and filled the whole earth."

About Our Mighty Network

This Mighty Network is a new domain for us here at Stone Kingdom Ministries. We feel it provides all the advantages of the typical social network plus a huge level of customization. This allows us to not only streamline our interactions and communications with members, but it also brings together numerous features we have been trying to implement for supporters of the ministry.

The primary goal with this Mighty Network is to provide people with the easiest way to interact with Dr. Bruggeman's teachings and have a community for in-depth Bible study. 

We will continue to develop the network, adding new sections, topics and groups as it continues to grow.

The primary benefit of becoming a Member is the community aspect of Mighty Networks. Now you no longer have to feel like one of the few people digging deep into world around us with a Biblical lens. Members can self-organize their own sub-groups, topics of discussion and even events. Every Member will get access to the primary Stone Kingdom Network as well as a few archives of Dr. Bruggeman's material. For example, on Mighty Networks we can store the entire catalog of past Feed My Sheep Newsletters, in chronological order for every Member to enjoy. These are listed by date in PDF format. In addition to some basic materials and the community itself, members of the Stone Kingdom Network will have a much more direct line of communication with our Ministry and Dr. Bruggeman. We are also now dividing our blog into 2 focus points:

1. Commentary on Current Events / Ministry Updates
2. In-depth teaching blogs and long form written material

Now, Members will have the best experience as we will post 100% of the blogs here on mighty networks, but for the followers of our website and the general public only the commentary and ministry update posts will be available. This will help grow our community as well as keep the more sensitive topic coverage accessible to Members Only.

While we cannot guarantee a response to every single post and comment as more and more people join, we can say it will be much easier for us to manage individual digital interactions with Mighty Networks. That being said, we of course still receive email and form submissions on our website, but for more of an in-depth Stone Kingdom Ministries experience we advise any reader or supporter to join us on Mighty Networks!

NOTICE: The following information is still under development and may be modified during our testing phase as we roll out numerous improvements to the content and information on our Mighty Network.